Rent-a-GS spend a day on Cetina river

Nice sunny winter day was perfect for short ride to spring of river Cetina.

Cetina River spring is one of those hidden sights that does not attract hordes of people just because is not on main tourist route. But entire area of Dinara mountain is probably the prettiest part of the country filled with beautiful natural and historic monuments well worth exploring. The springs draw attention with their magnificent clarity and blue-green colour. Veliko vrilo, also called the Glavaš spring, is a submerged speleological structure, which divers have investigated to a depth of 150 m.

Near the springs is the oldest Early Croatian church in Croatia, the Church of the Holy Salvation (Sv. Spas). The church belongs to the pre-Romanesque style with a bell tower, and was erected in the 9th century. Next to the church is a cemetery with tombs (traditional stone headstones) dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. After spring site we took dirt road by Peruča lake back to Sinj county.

Lake Peruča is the second artificial lake in Croatia after Lake Dubrava. The Lake is on the course of the River Cetina, bounded by Svilaja mountain to the southwest and Dinara mountain to the northeast. The Lake is fed by water from the Cetina River, and drains an area of 3,700 km2, while the total catchment area of the Cetina is around 12,000 km2.

Rent-a-GS made in total 200 km for one day easy ride.



The site of Vrela Cetine, the spring of the Cetina River, covers an area of 29.81 ha and was protected in 1971.This site contains a series of karst springs. The three main springs, Veliko vrilo, Vukovića vrilo and Batića vrilo, lie along the edge of the Paško polje or Pag Field, in the foothills of the Dinara mountain range. All the springs were formed at the site of contact of permeable marl in the field and water impermeable limestone of the surrounding plateaus.

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